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"Our key brand message of innovation was clearly demonstrated with the delivery of the hologram technology at the Castrol show. Thank you Haycom for being a big part of this."
Ros Saunderson, Marketing & Communications, Castrol Lubricants

Musion Holographic Projection

Haycom is the exclusive distributor of Musion's holographic projection technology in Australia. Musion has brought a 21st century twist to an old Victorian theatrical trick called Pepper’s Ghost.

Using High Definition video projection and Musion’s invisible foil, coupled with some very clever lighting and of course, amazing 3D content, Musion Holographic Projection allows you to connect to your audience in a never seen before way.

Since 2003, seven hundred successful projects have been delivered globally using the technology. The Haycom team has transformed the way people experience live events and communicate in Australia, using Musion’s exclusive holographic projection technology.

Let your audience experience something truly wonderful with Musion 3D using:


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