"Thank you for all your work preparing files with care and attention to detail. The projections make a significant contribution to the atmosphere of the show."
Stephen Curtis, Sydney Theatre Company

Musion Eyeliner

Musion Eyeliner is the heartbeat of Musion3D. Musion's clever reimagining of the Pepper’s Ghost technique lets your magic happen. However, creating holographic 3D performances isn't as hard as most people think with Musion's 3D holographic projection system.

Start with the patented foil, completely invisible to the naked eye. Rig it at 45° across the stage and then bounce content off a projector screen. This is then reflected upwards, reflects off the foil and gives the impression of a real 3D volumetric image on stage.

Add some clever lighting and stage dressing, and the result is the most stunning visual medium seen. Musion Eyeliner comes in many forms, so let us know your vision and we'll get you on your way to making a real impact.

Please Visit the Official Musion Website for more information.

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